Your partner in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing

Design, engineering and manufacture of prototypes and small to medium series of precision parts in all sectors. Supplier for your mechanical projects with turning, milling, grinding, electro-erosion, welding, control, assembly and any possible treatment and coating (by subcontracting.


Stewal = a design office with experienced project engineers at the service of the customer: for the conception and design of prototypes and precision machining parts, from small to medium series.
Whether complex machine parts or injection moulds, gauges, tools, worm screws, cams, medical instruments or implants are concerned ..... our engineers master a variety of expert software to guarantee an efficient project management.


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Stewal = a modern and multi-skilled CNC machine shop with expert technicians and high-end equipment and technologies: turning, milling, turning-milling, electro-erosion, (wire and sinking), grinding (cylindrical, flat, profile), drilling, welding, laser welding, assembly and adjustment, sandblasting, mechanical polishing, measuring, mould making and plastic injection moulding.
Here, customer projects follow the technological process provided by their respective design methods.

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Quality control

Stewal = a passionate approach of quality, precision and process control.

In addition to its internal quality assurance system, Stewal has an air-conditioned measurement laboratory where each project is closely monitored at every critical stage of production.

Nothing leaves our company without some form of final inspection.

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